3 Social Benefits of Mountain Walking

At Mountain Hikes, we love that our walking weekends bring together walking enthusiasts from all over the UK. It’s an incredibly social event, and we thoroughly enjoy interacting and chatting with our guests about their walking experiences.

We actively encourage all our walkers to get to know each other before we begin our daily walks; after all, you will be spending a substantial amount of time with them hiking up some of the Lake District’s most challenging peaks.

Booking onto one of our walking weekend hikes not only brings you great views, plenty of fresh air and exercise, but super social benefits too!

You Can Meet Like-Minded People

On our walks, you are guaranteed to be surrounded by people who are as passionate about walking and getting out into nature as much as you are.

In normal, everyday life, you may find it hard to find people who want to talk about the thrill of hiking up a mountain, especially if you live in an urban area.


This is the perfect opportunity to strike up conversations with people who will understand what you are talking about, and even find out more information for future walks! It’s invaluable, as well as fun!

It Creates a Sense of Community

Mountain walking is no different from any other activity with a community of people who are passionate about it. In fact, walking up a mountain surrounded by people who appreciate taking part in the activity is part of what makes us so passionate about what we do.


Being part of such an enthusiastic community gives you support and encouragement as well an important sense of belonging. We don’t want anyone to feel excluded from the group – after all, we’re all hiking up a mountain for the same reasons; enjoyment and fulfilment!

Make New Friends

We’re eager to get to know every single one of our walkers; what you like, your reason for taking up walking and how mountain hiking affects your life. As likeminded people, we will all love hearing stories about your favourite walks – or even the ones that you found the most challenging.

Lake DistrictYou’d be surprised how many friendships have blossomed during our hiking weekends. As the chances of you already knowing people who are on the walk are probably quite low, it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know what people get up to in the other end of the country – you may be more similar to the others on our walks than you initially think!

Friendship and companionship are things that we actively encourage during our walks. We want to give people the chance to get out and enjoy their favourite activity with people who also enjoy taking part – it’s always more fun with friends!

If you’re looking to join us on one of our guided hiking weekends and meet up with other likeminded walking enthusiasts, feel free to contact us today. We guarantee a friendly and fun-filled weekend with Mountain Hikes!





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