Striding Edge and Helvellyn Walks

One of the most thrilling walks in the Lakes

Tackling Helvellyn by Striding Edge is one of the most breathtaking mountain walks in the country.  There really is no better day out than to take this route up to the summit of Helvellyn; one of the most popular hikes the Lake District has to offer.

It is definitely one of our favourites here at Mountain Hikes, and the walk has been described as, “the best day out I have ever had in the mountains,” by one of the walkers that joined us on this incredible journey last year.

So, why is this walk so exhilarating? Is there a reason we keep heading back up Striding Edge to the summit of Helvellyn?

The Challenge of Striding Edge

You’ve probably already realised that we are not shy of a challenge here at Mountain Hikes! The Striding Edge route to Helvellyn is the perfect challenge for those looking for an unmissable walk that they don’t mind putting a little effort into.

Helvellyn Striding Edge

The first leg of the route is traversing the aptly named Striding Edge. As we discussed in our Lake District Hikes: Difficulties Explained blog, this isn’t the easiest of walks but, equally, it’s not the most challenging that the Lakes has to offer.

You’ll need to have a head for heights if you want to tackle this route, as the ridge is thin and rocky. However, we think that it’s this challenging hike that makes the Striding Edge section of this walk something that all walking enthusiasts won’t want to miss.

It Has Beautiful Views

Whether you’re heading up, resting at the summit or making your way back down again, you’re guaranteed to get some of the best views of the Lake District on this route.

Paterdale and Ullswater from Striding Edge

Ascending up to Striding Edge, you’ll have the breath-taking views over Ullswater and Red Tarn as you make your way along the route and up to the top of Helvellyn. Once at the summit, you’ll be greeted by an incredible view which stretches as far as the eye can see; particularly impressive and awe-inspiring on those incredibly clear days.

In fact, on some of the clearest days, it is possible to see the coast to the West and even Scotland in the North.

It Is Rewarding

Having tackled Striding Edge and Helvellyn, you are guaranteed to feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with reaching the summit and further rewarded by one of the most stunning views in Britain.

striding edge walk

Whether it’s the beauty of the views, the satisfaction of having conquered the hike, or the friendlyfaces you’ve met, there’s always going to be something that you take away from completing this route Helvellyn. Trust us; we’ve done it so many times and are yet to be disappointed!

If you are interested in tackling the third highest peak in England (standing at 3,117 feet!), then feel free to get in touch with us today and find out just how you can get involved with our mountain hiking weekends in the Lake District!


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