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Yoga Hiking in Lake District

OM yoga magazine recently reviewed us for the April edition of the OM Yoga & Lifestyle magazine.

Its a really interesting article which talks about the physical and mental benefits of combining these two activities in a great setting.  This is exactly what we try to achieve with our yoga & hiking breaks in the Lake District.  We aim to combine the physical and mental benefits of yoga with a good hike through the great scenery of the Lakes.

The following section is a short extract from the article and a link to the full article is also included below:

“In many ways, hiking the trails and stretching in a studio are very different forms of exercise: one about movement and cardio, the other about stillness and serenity.
Yet the two may have more in common than we realise and can be the perfect match.
At least that’s what the growing market for yoga and walking holidays would seem to suggest. Pitched somewhere between a hiking holiday and yoga retreat, these trips are all about balance: getting the best of both forms of exercise. Yoga, after all, means union, and these holidays are about balancing the physical and mental benefits of exercise, pushing your body and working with it, and enjoying the environment in which you do it.”

Just note that the writer got a little confused with our names, so I am re-christened as Ken in the article.

Francesca has also written another article after she joined us on one of our weekends.  This is a slightly expanded article where she talks in more detail about the weekend and activities in a bit more detail.  And you can find this article through the website as well.

Link to the later article about our Ambleside Yoga Hiking Weekend


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