Lake District Hikes: Difficulties Explained


The Lake District is undoubtedly a British treasure and it attracts holiday-goers in their thousands all year long. The breathtaking views, unique wildlife and deep culture are a draw for people from every walk of life. Without question the top activity, and the most satisfying way to see the sights, is by undertaking a hike through the sloping green hills. But, not all of these walks are as easy or straight forward as some might expect.

Here at Mountain Hikes we are safety-conscious and want to make sure that you understand the length and difficulties of our most popular hikes before dedicating yourself to them.


One of the classic walks of the Lake District is of course The Old Man of Coniston. This circular route is truly stunning, particularly as on clear days you have the chance to see the North Wales coast and the Isle of Man on the horizon. This walk is 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) long, with a minimum time of four and a half hours, and a total ascent of 935 metres.


Starting from the hostel near the start of the climb, which we have sole use of, this hike takes you through years of mining history as you pass abandoned quarries from the 1500’s. With it’s stunning views The Old Man is a must for anyone that wishes to get a taste of the magnificence that the Lake District has to offer.

Striding Edge

Exactly as it sounds, this particular walk involves a very narrow pathway with a steep drop on either side. This walk is 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) in length, taking roughly six hours, with a total ascent of 899 metres.

Striding Edge

This is a moderately difficult walk and isn’t suitable for those with a fear of heights! However, if you’re looking for a challenge as well as some incredible views, this could be the perfect choice for your walking holiday. It is one of the most exciting walks in the Lake District!

Scafell Pike

The tallest mountain in England, Scafell Pike can be a difficult walk to traverse for new walkers as this is a strenuous hike for even the more experienced hiker. There are lots of routes up Scafell Pike, the route we use begins in Great Langdale and is one of the most scenic, starting from the front door in our base for the weekend, Yurts! This hike is 18.25 kilometres (11.3 miles) in length, taking between six and eight hours, with a total ascent of 1,175 metres. It is not an overly long walk, but the difficulty presents itself with the height you are to traverse.


With perhaps the best views that England has to offer, Scafell Pike has many breath-taking rewards for anyone that takes it on. But, it is a difficult and long walk which should not be taken lightly.

Common Considerations for Longer Hikes

General considerations for the more difficult hikes are quite simple but all too often overlooked: not eating or drinking enough, being weighed down by too much gear, ignoring the weather forecast, forgetting something important or even not taking into consideration the time of your hike and the pace at which you can walk. Hiking can be a long and strenuous activity, it shouldn’t be taken lightly simply because it is ‘walking’; as such you should be fully prepared when getting ready to undergo your hiking adventure.

These are just a few of the beautiful walks we offer, so start planning today by contacting us on 01539 736977. Your safety and enjoyment are our primary concerns and if you have any questions about the difficulties of our walks, and whether they are suitable for you, then we will be more than happy to discuss them.


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