Ben Nevis and Glencoe Hiking Break

A long weekend break to Hike to the summit of Ben Nevis & explore Glencoe

Ben Nevis & Glencoe weekend

Our latest Ben Nevis and Glencoe Hiking break was another great weekend.  We had a fantastic group, a succesful summit of Ben Nevis and two more great days of hiking in the spectacular location of Glencoe.


Our accomodation for the Ben Nevis and Glencoe hiking break was the Glencoe Indepedent hostel.  Its a great little hostel in a fantastic location at the foot of Glencoe.  Its also quite close to the Clachaig Inn, which is a fantastic place for quenching your thirst after a long day of hiking.

Glencoe Independent Hostel

Mountain Hikes provided all the food for breakfast lunch and dinner and all the walks were fully guided.

The break started on Thursday 14th September, with the group arriving at Glasgow airport.  We had then arranged a group transfer direct to the hostel, which arrived around 7:30 in the evening. this was followed by a group dinner and then a briefing and introduction to the weekend.

Ben Nevis and Glencoe Hiking Break – Pap of Glencoe

The first day we head up a local summit of the Pap of Glencoe.  Its a great way for everyone to get their hiking legs going, check out gear, get to know each other and get in some great views.

Pap of Glencoe hike Pap of Glencoe hike Pap of Glencoe hike Pap of Glencoe hike

There is tea and cake after we arrive back from the hike, then there is still time for a trip to the Clachaig Inn, to get to know each other, before dinner.

Ben Nevis summit day

Day 2 is our Ben Nevis summit day.  Its starts with a people carrier pick up at 8:30 to get us to Fort William and the foot of Ben Nevis.  We then head over the footbridge and start to make our way up the climb. By the time we reach the summit about 3 1/2 hours later, its snowing, the wind has got up and it feels more like February than September.

Ben Nevis Summit Ben Nevis Summit

But the whole group make the summit and then after a very quick lunch and photos we descent back down.  The skies clear a little on the way down, so we get some good views and then all meet up in the Ben Nevis inn for a celebratory beer.  Its dinner in the hostel and then most of the group head out for more celebrations at the Clachaig Inn.

Ben Nevis and Glencoe Break – Day 3

We offer two alternative hikes on the Sunday, as some people are now feeling their legs a bit.  While others are still eager to explore.  So the options are to explore the forests and lochans of Glencoe, with a visit to the village and cafe.  The alternative walk is to hike up to the hidden Valley of Glencoe.

Forests and Lochans Walk

Yen leads the group down to the village of Glencoe and then around the Lochans and forest walk.  Its a really scenic hike and almost has the feel of Canada with the tall pines, water and mountains.

Glencoe Forest & Lochan walk Glencoe Forest & Lochan walk Glencoe Forest & Lochan walk Glencoe Forest & Lochan walk

Hidden Valley Hike

Kevin leads the hike up to the hidden valley above Glencoe.  It was apparrantly used to hide stolen cattle in days gone by, but I have no idea how they would have been enticed up the steep valley to get there.


Its a steep climb up with a bit of scrambling, but a really interesting and scenic hike as we follow the river up a narrow ravine.

Hidden Valley hike Hidden Valley hike

Once we get to the top of the ravine the gorge opens up to a wide and spectacular Glen.

Hidden Valley hike Hidden Valley hike

And its also a spectacular place to practice star jumps.

Glencoe Star Jumps

We all meet up back at the hostel ready for a quick change, then at 2;30 taxis back to the airport.

Loads of fun, great hiking, a fantastic group of people and another brilliant weekend!

Summit of Pap of Glencoe


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